The manner in which one enjoys the wilderness is based on individual expression. Some revel, some attack, some wonder, some hover, some drift, and some glide. When immersed in the outdoors, one frequently feels a magnetism. It is a choice whether to yield to its power or shy away.

While outdoors, it is arduous to not feel the power and strength of nature. All personal thoughts and worries are diluted by the surrounding wildness. If given the opportunity, one can potentially wash their spirit clean and find real value in their inner being.

Most are not afforded the luxury to experience nature firsthand, on a daily basis. For that, the few opportunities that arise are unique and special. Each adventure is a splendor. Anticipation adds to the excitement and the fortuity of being one with the wild.

If allowed in, the outdoors become an addiction. Over time, they become a necessity of the human spirit. The rewards of spending time in the wild can be as large or as minuscule as an individual allows. They are there, though. Nowhere better can one strive for and seek inspiration.

The wilderness holds special value for those inclined to silence. While experiencing an adventure, the requirement of speech is absent. One only needs to take in and behold all that which surrounds. The mountains (and their contents) will speak and fill-in an infinite amount of words that cannot be fully comprehended over the span of a human lifetime.

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