Whether they be from loved ones, places, or moments, memories are woven into our spirituality. We have the uncanny ability to self-absorb what we hold important and that in which we feel truly bound to by our nature.

We grieve when some or all of it is taken away from us. It is often painful. Sometimes the fabric is so interwoven within us, that the pain from its absence never fully subsides. Certain people, places, or moments are so intricately woven within our personal tapestry, that the loss of them cannot be mended by patch or replacement. Contrary to the popular saying, time does not heal all wounds. Time only helps dull some of the sharp edges.

Unfortunately, grief and loss are inevitable in life. They affect us in different ways. The intensity is dependent on the individual and circumstance. Some coping strategies include reaching out to others who have also experienced similar loss, exploring creative aspirations, and doing something that honors that which is lost.

Convalescence and coping with loss is a unique experience for everyone.
If you find yourself in a position to comfort, please remember patience, love, and understanding are more helpful than just saying, “I’m sorry.”

What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. -Helen Keller

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