The high peaks of surrounding ranges tantalize. They have long been subdued by snow and ice. Their dormancy from a long and cold hibernation is finally beginning to transition. They tear at the hearts of those who have long dreamed of summit and quest.

Bound by the usual constraints of wintertide, the lower slopes of nearby ridges gradually emerge. A rebirth of the landscape is delicate, intricate, and purposeful. A display of long predictable change is ever awe-inspiring. It is nothing short of magnificent.

Emotion is stirred to the extent of being envious of the lone cedar on an otherwise barren slope side. If afforded the opportunity, one would surely supplant positions.

Wherein the valley does a heart lay, that makes one not desire the comfort of masses. For the intended concourse is to be free of a populous. Imagining the independence and the freedom of oneself while traversing to a mountain top, for now, will have to prevail.

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