One of the most beautiful places in our natural world is where the mountains and the rivers meet. The geography of mountains funnel rivers and command their course. Yet, the force of water perpetually changes everything it touches. So strong and persistent, a river eventually carves and erodes the constitution of the mountain. Over long periods of time, a river defines its own boundaries and in doing so, forever changes its landscape.

The sound of a river always rings with familiarity. It denotes peace and tranquility. The sonorous melody of moving water is cryptic. It can be deafening, subtle, or even absent. When concealed in heavily timbered areas, a river’s notes often carry through a dense canopy. Following the sound can reveal the moving water’s presence, to those who are in search.

One can become mesmerized by sunlight flittering as it reflects from a river. The shimmer is like sprinkles of glitter floating precariously on the rapid flows. In other areas along the waterway, sunlight reflects in broader swaths. Large patches of illumination dance much to an interested observer’s delight. In contrast, shadows darken a river’s surface. They sway, due to the currents, in rhythmic motion.

If searching for an ideal place to reflect upon your thoughts and contemplate life, you are highly encouraged to go where the mountains and the rivers meet. I speculate you will be enthralled.

I sat there and I forgot and forgot, until what remained was the river that went by and I who watched…Norman Maclean

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