Faith pic

During youth, I lacked the understanding of more than basic biblical concepts. I did not pray, nearly so often, as I do now. I lacked the maturity and conviction to live a life based on the real truth. My truth was based on whatever was happening at that point in time. Confirming my beliefs and convictions over time has certainly been a tumultuous journey and a blessing. I am eternally grateful for the divine presence that continually lights the path before me.

I have had the good fortune of adventuring in some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. Mountains constitute my cathedral. They offer the shelter and sustenance required for a truly religious experience. Rocks, trees, bushes, grasses, soil, and wildlife make up the alpine’s congregation.

I feel emotionally cleansed as I explore on self-made paths through canyons and valleys. The world in the distant landscape appears to grow ever smaller. The sounds of a living forest are reminiscent of a choir accompanied by a symphony. A tapestry of mountain wildflowers displays colors as brilliant as any church’s stained-glass mosaic these eyes have ever gazed upon.

Mountain streams baptize with their cool, crisp, and clear water. These streams originate from pure white fields of melting snow. As they flow and join other tributaries, they become a metaphor for what is most important. A single stream transforms into a mighty river, and then eventually, fills an ocean; much as one and then twelve transformed into a multitude.

I encourage those who spend time in the high country to find a solitary place. Take a few minutes, hours, or days to absorb the surroundings. Enjoy the serenity of your environment and listen to your inner voice. Let free the inhibitions that bind your soul and mind. Experience a religious moment like you have never done before. Be assured, you will feel the presence of the Almighty and later thank him for being there with you…the whole time.

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