Through the smoke and morning fog, I am able to see a dusting of frozen crystalline precipitation on the nearby ridge tops. Those of us living in the Northwest United States are happy for a break in atmospheric conditions. The past two days have brought a much anticipated and welcomed respite to the high temperatures and arid conditions that have plagued the area over the past several months in the places we call home.

One probably wonders why many choose to dwell in remote areas where fire, smoke, and weather are often punishing and detrimental. Is it the beauty of proximate vistas? Is it the solitude afforded by living in rurality? I believe it is more complex than that. Some are driven by chance circumstance. Others are driven by greed or birthright. The majority, however, are drawn by a calling to live in areas where they are able to pursue the aspects of life that bring them the most satisfaction.

Without taking risks or following intuition, one may miss his/her calling. Subtle or subdued, an individual’s calling may be difficult to ascertain. Fear of failure is a formidable force in personal decision making processes.

I encourage you to take a chance and follow your instincts. Let your calling be your guide. As the old phrase goes: nothing ventured, nothing gained. You may be missing out on the adventure of a lifetime if you remain idle and let the fear of failure dictate your actions. Inhibitions can be overcome. Life is too short to let them be your restraints. Staying static should always be your last option.

If you are having a difficult time making a decision right now, I encourage you to go for it. The regret of not doing so will be far more damaging than failing. Point your personal compass toward your goals. Determination and hope will be enough to start your journey. The experience gained along the way is nearly always the most rewarding part of the achievement. Destiny awaits.

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