On the Water


As the sun’s rays shined down in the early hours of dawn, the top of the water glistened. It was as if it held a million tiny mirrors just within a stone’s throw. The waves gently slapped the stern-side of our boat like nature’s metronome. My god, how I’ve missed that.

We had not been on the water all summer. Between starting a new job, moving, unpacking, and other miscellaneous circumstances, the timing had not been right. The desire, however, was unyielding. A yearning to be there was taking forefront. It was becoming an obsession.

The water calls to me year-round. I respect the life-giving resource it provides. I also respect the life-taking potential it possesses. Throughout my life, I have had an affection for water. Whether it be small streams or the ocean, I love the tingling of all senses when in, on, or near water. It’s transformative properties, though well-studied, are enchanting when looked at by the eye of an outdoors enthusiast.

Audrey and Tyler were noticeably quiet. I believe, they like I, were absorbing the tranquility of our serene surroundings. I don’t believe anyone could have been in a more ideal place at that moment in time. Much planning and preparation were now being rewarded for the effort. They each contributed to helping me fulfill this desire. As the bow of our vessel split the water before us, I secretly hoped they were enjoying the moment.

Looking into where the water was calm, I saw a reflection. The young boy with endless dreams and an uncertain future was not there. Instead, a much older person was looking back at me. The water did well to hide the wrinkles around his eyes. The water did well to expose his smile.

It was a beautiful day to be on the water.

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