Next Chapter


I have taken a hiatus from writing the past few weeks. A change of scenery and everything that entails has consumed a majority of my time and energy. My commitment to the keyboard was yearning, yet, my commitment to getting settled in the Clark Fork Valley in Western Montana took precedent. My concentration focused on getting moved in and unpacked. I offer apologies to all of those who follow and faithfully read my posts. Thank you for your patience during this transition.

For one who likes change and diversity, I must admit that moving never gets easier. In fact, each new move has become increasingly more difficult. In addition to the accumulation of material things gathered over time, I have also added friendships and memories. It is becoming more difficult to move away from those relationships. Those bonds exceed the confines of cardboard boxes. They consume valuable space in my heart and mind. Yet, optimism gives me the comfort of knowing more friendships and memories will be forged in a new and fresh environment.

The stress brought forth by moving can often take a toll on familial relationships. Thank the good Lord for blessing me with an understanding and compassionate wife.  Words hardly describe my appreciation of Audrey’s full-hearted commitment to uprooting our lives and starting anew. Without her support and effort, I would certainly be lost in the wilderness.

The mountains surrounding my new location are rugged, yet, inviting. The countless nearby waterways and trails offer infinite opportunities to explore and investigate. Nearly every conversation I’ve had with locals ends with a desire to see what they have described or experienced. Positive thoughts overwhelm the stress of re-establishing a home base. I wonder how I will ever prioritize the time to do everything I want to do?

New surroundings come with new responsibilities. This profound thought is not lost on me. I want to do well. I want to live well. New relationships and memories will be added to my interpersonal collection. They are not in place of, but rather, in addition to those already there. The next chapter offers an opportunity to do good things. I hope to leave a mark that suggests it was always meant to be.

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