summer pic

The season’s arrival comes with fury and might as the sun’s torrid rays strike Earth’s surface. Summer is a welcome respite to the often-frigid temperatures of spring. Daylight hours are noticeably longer as the axis of our planet tilts toward the sun.

Once-swelled rivers and streams slowly begin to recede back into their natural embankments. The water that constitutes their makeup becomes more clear and translucent. The fish that habitat these waters search for deeper holes and cooler conditions. Growing populations of insects and aquatic organisms provide delectable treats for fish both in and on the water.

Warmer and longer days are a catalyst for many processes. A multitude of flora and fauna peak in their maturation processes during the summer months. Much of what humans consume is grown during the summer solstice.

The vast expanse of azure skies in summer are only interrupted by a wide variety of cloud formations. Most days start off cool. The temperature gradually increases until peaking in the mid-afternoon to early evening. Thunderstorms produced by summer’s warm air are often violent and forceful. This is regularly observed in higher elevations. When hiking or climbing, one should scale and descend mountain peaks early in the day. Recreational enthusiasts do not want to get caught in one of these notorious high country thunderstorms. Lightening strikes and hypothermia are real possibilities and potentially life-threatening.

Warmer temperatures and longer days afford ample opportunities to recreate outdoors. Water sports and other outdoor recreational activities are popular this time of year. A visit to higher elevations usually means lower temperatures and a chance to partake in a welcomed commodity…shade! It is advisable to drink copious amounts of liquids during summertime. Dehydration is a serious health threat. The rays of the sun impose a dichotomy of benefit and danger. Do not forget to use sunscreen and moisturizers when going outdoors. Your skin will thank you.

Enjoy the blessings of the season. Bask in the summer sun. Venture out and live unencumbered. Summer is a great time of year to explore and experience the wild.

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