Moving On


Sometimes, life changes course at the most unexpected time. Whether it be by divine intervention or chance, a wide range of emotions may be experienced due to a change in circumstance. I am not immune.

Recently, I decided to terminate my employment. I am taking a position at another organization. I feel this was a good decision, but my heart sinks a little when I think about the friendships and associations made in my previous place of employment. The bonds formed will naturally weaken due to distance and time. In a few years time, my existence there will be but a faint memory to most.

In turn, I will have an opportunity to form new relationships with people I have yet to meet. Not one to shy away from adventure and change, I look forward to carrying on in a new location. My apprehension and wonder are mixed with excitement and eagerness. The organization (which offered me new employment) has already invested a great deal of resources and hope in me. I do not want to disappoint those who have already given me their trust. I want to justify their decision to hire me by being the productive “new guy” on the team. Due to being successful after the interview process, my confidence is strong. I feel up to the task.

Alas, the mountain slopes and sunrises will be just as beautiful and inspirational in the next place I will call home. All of the proximal topography will be new and different. I am looking forward to exploring unfamiliar mountain ranges as they welcome me with their propitious embrace. I yearn to take advantage of their proximity and will utilize what they have to offer in order to gain personal satisfaction and fulfillment. Any time spent in the upper alpine is productive time.

How thankful I am to have such blessings. I give praise and glory for my opulence to, He, who created me. For I am certain, without Him, none of this would be possible.

2 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Of course you will be missed and of course the new place likes you! You give it your best and then some! I wish you and Audrey the best of what life gives you! Be happy FRIEND!


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