The Lemonade Stand

lemonade image y

While coming home from work a few evenings ago, I drove by two young girls sitting at a lemonade stand. My initial reaction was, “Wow, I can’t remember the last time I saw a lemonade stand.” My second thought was, “I hope those girls are safe,” due to the busy traffic conditions at that time.

Probably, what caught my attention the most was where they had their little lemonade stand erected. Their lemonade stand was located in front of a residence that appeared to be in urgent need of repair. After a quick study of the small, dilapidated house, I made an assumption (whether accurate or not) that these two little girls likely resided there. Just by looking at this home, one could quickly ascertain that the living conditions there were not ideal.

Not wanting to cause a traffic disturbance, I kept on driving. I did not stop. I did not turn on the next street down to circle the block and come back to where they were located. My mission at that time was to get home after a long, hard day of work. I regretted making that decision. It has been eating away at my conscience, since. I wished I would have stopped and given them a few dollars and complimented them on their entrepreneurship. Instead, they just became a blurred image in my rearview mirror.

Sometimes the distractions in our everyday lives can interfere with what is most important. I could have made a difference that evening. I did not. The simple things one does, can make such a big difference. My only hope is I get a second chance to make it right. If I ever see those two little girls selling lemonade at their roadside stand, I am going to make a concerted effort to stop and become their patron. There is little doubt this token of gratitude will help bring smiles to their young, bright faces. After failing the first time, I am hoping for another opportunity to help them. Hence, I would like another opportunity to feel better about myself.

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