Praise the Underappreciated


Many work at jobs that do not exemplify dignity or respect in the eyes of the general populace. Their employment appears to be menial or baseborn to the pretentious collective. Yet, many of these occupations are among the most difficult to perform. In more simple terms, the people in these jobs do the work that no one else wants to do.

Just think of the willpower and fortitude these individuals muster on a daily basis just to go out and earn a living. If honest with themselves, most are probably not working their dream job. Give them credit for putting in the time and effort to want to better their lives and their financial situations. They earn my respect for diligently working tasks that are seemingly thankless. Still, they push on and do them.

If you do not have one of these jobs, please make an effort to thank those who do. Be gracious and kind. Please, do not make assumptions about another’s intellect, character, or personality based on their occupation. I would advise against patronizing these individuals. Most will see right through it. When you thank these individuals, do it with sincerity. Do not be surprised if your thank you is returned with a look of puzzlement or disbelief. The positivity and encouragement you wish to convey will be meaningful, whether or not the recipient’s body language is indicative. Even though they do not receive many compliments, the people in these jobs will certainly appreciate the kind words and recognition.

If you can find the time, try helping them (without being burdensome) with their tasks. You will quickly learn just how difficult their jobs are and not everyone is capable of doing them. I think you will gain a whole lot of respect for the individual performing these underappreciated tasks on a daily basis. If you are reading this and work in an underappreciated environment, I want to thank you. The work you do is meaningful and worthwhile. I commend you for the effort you put forth and the willingness to endure.

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