Mounting Thoughts


When deciding on a name for this website, I deliberated for quite some time. I wanted a name that highlighted my passion for the outdoors, especially the mountains. I also wanted something that inspired thinking or thought. That is how I contrived

Using a little imagination and a play on the words “mountain thoughts,” one is lead to “mounting thoughts”. We all have mounting thoughts and sometimes they build to such a degree that they start to feel insurmountable. When our thoughts build to such a daunting level, they can become detrimental. If we let them build internally and have no way for them to escape, a vast amount of our brain power is spent trying to sort out the convolution. Sadly, some great ideas may be lost or forgotten. In turn, we may feel down or depressed because of the mass confusion going on in our heads.

Whether they appreciate it or not, I like to bounce my thoughts and ideas off of family, friends, and anyone patronizing enough to listen. Most of the time my thoughts and ideas are dismissed as nothing more than trivial. I am okay with that. At least, I can express them and move on to the next thing that pops into my mind. Of course, criticism of my ideas makes me want to try harder or gradually dismiss them. Conversely, encouragement from others gives me the ammunition to venture further.

I often feel like my brain is operating at warp speed-so many things to do, and seemingly so little time. My confidence makes me feel adept at multi-tasking and operating at a high level with a multitude of distractions. There is always one thought or idea, though, that comes to the forefront. That one thing ahead of all others becomes my obsession. Until that obsession is proven right or wrong, I will dwell on it. To me, it is like an itch that cannot be scratched without implementation. Until that obsession comes to fruition, I am not satisfied. The end result does not need to be gratifying. It only has to be resolved. Whether this is unusual or healthy behavior, I do not know? The only thing I do know is that is part of my cognitive process.

If you are haunted by mounting thoughts, try prioritizing what is most important to you in the current space and time continuums. Focus on resolving one thought at a time. Like climbing in the mountains, each inch gained in elevation gets you closer to the summit. The insurmountable eventually becomes the apex on which you will find yourself standing.

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