Meaning of Life


Is it abnormal to feel perpetually floating through life? How much energy is spent wondering about our purpose and mentally searching for a deeper meaning? I believe, most (if not all), are seeking resolution to an unanswerable truth. The abyss of the unknown far outreaches the defined. But, why?

One possible answer lies in life, itself. The journey through life may be the answer to why we are living it. By divine intervention, each experience, trial, and tribulation may be meant to answer the most difficult of all questions: what is our purpose? In a range from the most eldest to the unborn, each life has some affect on another. Call it a ripple-effect with every life representing the stone thrown. We are interconnected through the bonds formed, no matter how weak or strong. These bonds make up the fabric of our being. These bonds form a unique matrix. This dynamic (ever-changing) matrix constitutes our individualism.

Looking at life, retrospectively, has an interesting way of altering our future choices. Most, if not all, want to learn from their mistakes. To go through life without regret, is in and of itself, a mistake. The decisions we make, resulting in regret, leave the deepest bruise to our psyche. We tend to never forget them. I do, however, think we should not go through life with a mindset of fear. For if we are in fear of making mistakes, we will be unwilling to challenge the boundaries of our limitations. Conversely, how do we know our limitations without first pushing their extent?

Do to pragmatic circumstances, most of our aspirations and dreams will go unfulfilled. That is acceptable if you are willing to embrace what has already been accomplished. You have already unknowingly fulfilled more than what was expected of you. Each day you are living an existence and having an effect on others. If you have ever nurtured or loved, you have exceeded most expectations. If you have ever elicited a smile or a tear, you have had an effect on another’s soul. It is not wise to downplay the effect you have others. You make a difference in this world whether you choose to believe or not. Our instincts to satisfy the righteousness and goodness should be followed.

In terms of relative time, our existence in this biosphere is very brief. Make the most out of the precious time you have been given. The meaning of life may never become obvious to you. More importantly, at the end of your life’s journey, you may be asked what was learned along the way. Are you prepared to answer?

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