A few months ago, a faithful reader asked, “What is your inspiration for writing?” The obvious answer (at least at the time) was I like to write about things I believe in or feel passionate toward. It certainly is not for financial or egotistical purposes. I have not gained anything financially from writing nor will anyone ever accuse me of impersonating William Shakespeare. When I originally began writing on this platform, I wanted to inspire others, invoke thought, and generate a forum for creativity. The genesis was idealized more for response than trying to impose my own ideas or conceptions on others. If truth be told, I get much more enjoyment from reading the responses of others than writing, myself. If, by some odd chance, the result of my writing inspires others then I will have fulfilled a purpose. Our best days are ones where we feel good about helping someone else. It provides us with a sense of accomplishment. I am no different.

As readers construe the prose I publish for their judgement, a common misconception is that I am looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. Like many, I feel constantly bombarded by negativity. Over time I feel we, as a society, build a resistance. I would not say we are austere, but most feel subdued to the ways of the world. What we cannot change, we tend to ignore. Our hearts and our minds grow callous. Although, we all have a voice, the majority choose to remain silent. I encourage the silent majority to end their tranquility and let their opinions be known.Their words and ideas carry great importance; to shelter them from the world is truly an injustice.

By communicating with other people, you will quickly learn we all have dreams and aspirations. We are creatures of thought, reasoning, and emotion. Our lives are dictated by how we manipulate the traits and characteristics that make up our individualism. There is no set plan or blueprint. It is an open plat with boundless horizons for us to do with as we choose. The sky is not the limit. We have already proven we can go beyond that. We are only bound by desire and inspiration.

While searching the deep recesses of my mind, I wonder if inspiration is tangible and can it be conjured? An invocation of the spirit is usually driven through passion. An honest self-assessment indicates no stronger a passion is there than love. Therefore, many processes of inspiration must surely be driven by love. Other emotions also drive inspiration. It would be remiss if I did not include passion can also arise from other strong emotions such as hatred. My personal preference, however, is love. Whether it be physical or emotional, there is no stronger sense of passion. Inspiration, at least to me, must be predominately driven by love.

I would like to modify my answer to the reader’s original question: What is your inspiration for writing? An unexpected answer emerged through deeper analysis: I simply write out of love. I will continue to do so for as long as I am able. The words will have to serve as a conduit for expressing my love on topics that I find most appealing. My desire is for others to see the world as I see it through a positive lens. I would prefer it, however, if they would use their own looking glass.

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