Help Me!


I do not like asking for help. It may be due to pride. Maybe, it’s stubbornness. Maybe, it’s because I carry a Y-chromosome. I do not know why asking for help is so difficult for me. I have felt the same way about it my whole life.

I have always held the belief if something requires more than what I am capable of handling and others are witnessing my struggle; they should feel committed to help without being asked. Obviously, this does not always happen and sometimes I get quite perturbed when it doesn’t. I guess I expect those, who are around me, to be mind readers.

What is even crazier is my refusal to accept help even when it is offered. For example, say I am chainsaw juggling and it goes terribly wrong. In serious danger of losing an extremity, I struggle to get to the Emergency Room door. Someone asks me if I need help getting the rest of the way there. My initial response would more than likely be, “No, that’s okay. I can make it. Thank you for asking, though. Sorry about all of the blood!” Okay, that may have been a bad example, but I think you get my point.

Another peculiarity is that I love helping others. If people tell me my help is not wanted or do something without me, I feel insulted. Granted, I am probably not the best person to help with picking out women’s undergarments. I know my limitations, but I always love it when I can help others. I’m definitely, crazy. Right?

If someone, who is reading, can help solve this mystery; I would greatly appreciate it. Just so you know beforehand…the Y-chromosome stays.

2 thoughts on “Help Me!

  1. This blog put a smile on my face and a giggle in my belly. Trust me that not only those with a “Y-chromosome” struggle with asking for help. Keep on finding oneself and eventually that “pride” will diminish where one is able to finally be vulnerable to freely express one’s needs/wants.


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