Balance In Life


The balance in life is precarious. How quickly we transform from high to low or low to high, then back again. Finding our niche somewhere in the middle is what keeps us balanced. We make decisions based on our self-assessment. The constant recalibration process is what provides an array of emotions in all of us.

One must make a conscious decision to strive for balance. Dwelling too long on either side of the spectrum is unhealthy and dangerous. The drive to bring oneself from the depths of emotion originates from within. Outside support and encouragement are sometimes helpful, but only from within is an individual capable of making decisions to tip the scale.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by emotion, try taking some time and purposely slow down. Search for a quiet place and take a few deep breaths. From that point forward, begin making decisions on a minute-to-minute schedule. Do not worry about what is going to happen in your future. Concentrate only on the present. Each minute that passes by is a success.

To not feel encumbered in the far reaches of emotion, one should try setting goals in every phase of his/her life. The decisions one makes to set goals are best accomplished while balancing in the middle. Goals perceived while too high or too low are normally short-lived or unrealistic.

No goal can be achieved without taking some form of risk. One must be willing to take some measure of risk to have a reasonable chance of accomplishing a goal. Not all goals will be attained. Convince yourself that it is acceptable to fail as long as you learn something from the experience. Failing does not have to be a negative consequence. Failing provides an opportunity to learn. Failing spawns ingenuity and creativity. The best lessons in life are often learned by first failing.

Celebrate your triumphs. If you achieve a goal, no matter large or small, you are successful. Be proud of yourself and feel good about it. Share the experience with others. Be willing to let your positivity shine upon them. Others may be motivated to make changes after witnessing your success.

Take a little time to reassess yourself on a regular basis. Make adjustments accordingly. Strive for balance. Start setting goals and work toward them. It is never too late to try something new or different. Finding the courage to go forward may be difficult. You have it within to do so.

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