Winter Sunrise


This morning as I gaze out the window, I see a splinter of light breaking through the treetops. The thin band of illumination glistens from the snow and frost which accumulated overnight. Every particle of frozen moisture, due to its crystalline form, displays the entire spectrum. The only limitation of color is dependent on what my eyes and brain are capable of perceiving. I am mystified by how fortunate I am to bear witness to such beauty. And then, as it begins to rise over the horizon, the sun creates orange, red, and pink hues; starkly in contrast to the surrounding dark blue sky. The snow on the nearby mountain slopes reflects the tremendous chromaticism displayed above in the winter sky. Full and bright, the fiery monarch dominating the eastern sky continues to rise before me. Everything within view is now becoming brighter. Transfixed on the aubade above the mountain peaks, I have little regard for my being. I worry not over time or space. Humbly, I am only in the here and now. I want to bask in the scene before me; hoping to store it in my memory for the years that lie ahead.

2 thoughts on “Winter Sunrise

  1. So very beautiful. I am in awe of your use of word and capturing the moment for those of us that are not there in the moment… you bring it to life.


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