This past week has been shocking. Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the presidential election was unexpected by most. The latest results showing Trump getting 290 electoral votes to Clinton’s 228. A look at the popular vote, however, shows Clinton received more than half-a-million more votes. Numerous exit polls indicate Trump was significantly more popular than Clinton among whites without college degrees, especially male voters. Clinton was significantly more popular than Trump with Hispanic, African-American, and Asian-American voters.

In an era when racial tensions have become forefront, I sincerely hope this election does not further divide our nation. I hope Donald Trump’s verbal commitment to the healing and uniting of our population was not just an empty campaign promise. When he says, “Let’s make America great again,” I hope it’s with his full commitment and fortitude to make it happen.

Speaking about politics with friends, family, acquaintences, and strangers can lead to volatile conversations. Protesting  the election has ensued this week. While I acknowledge a protestor’s right to do so, I hope calmer heads prevail. We do not need more divisiveness. We need unity.

The next few months will be telling. Did America get it right in their election of Donald Trump or was it duped? I feel our nation is on the precipice of either turning things around or disaster. I hope, for once, campaign promises become reality and the healing begins.

2 thoughts on “POLITICS

  1. So far I see that what Trump promised pre election is not happening. I seen him changing his mind on topics that were reasons why he won. I hope that he can be a president for the people and not for the rich. Time will tell. H


    • I hope we can heal as a nation. There is too much violence and too many senseless deaths. Can a new president with no political experience help? I don’t know. Did we elect a difference-maker or a con man? Time will, most assuredly, tell.


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